Myths About Waxing

We are going after the myths like myth-busters and now is the time we address some myths about waxing after a long haul of silence. There are several flawed logic that renders waxing to be a waste of time or worse plain dangerous. But we are here to clear waxing of all the baseless myths that surround it. So that if you are someone who is tired of shaving your hair every shower or using chemicals for hair removal, can be relieved that there is a more efficient and safe method of hair removal.

Starting with the one that sounds more logical than others,

Waxing Causes Wrinkles.

It might seem logical that, since waxing pulls your skin it causes wrinkles. However, waxing if done by professionals will hold your skin tautly which doesn’t cause wrinkles. As waxing removes the hair from the roots, it helps any dead skin cells and impurities stored in hair follicles to be removed resulting in more smooth and healthy skin. Wrinkles are caused when your skin isn’t getting proper care and is exposed to the elements and unwanted chemicals. As waxing is devoid of using any chemicals that seep into your skin, it is one of the safest ways of hair removal.

Waxing Causes Hair To Grow Back Thicker.

The fact is that waxing will have the opposite effect as this myth suggests. As the hair is pulled out from its roots, it will over time cause the hair follicles on your skin to be weak and damage them, causing the hairs to grow more finer and even stop hair growth. Depending upon the person, waxing will help reduce the growth of the hair overtime. 

Waxing Lasts For Months.

The growth of the hair is completely different from person to person. Even then, waxing doesn’t last for months on end. Some people visit their waxing appointments in six weeks, others visit more frequently. However, all those who take the appointments are sure to enjoy hassle free showers and worry less about their grooming time due to waxing.

Waxing Is Painful.

Waxing is removing the hair from its roots, so it is not the most soothing experience. However, the pain highly depends upon the person to person. Some feel pain more than others. Even so, professionals use methods that reduce the sensation of pain during the procedure. After a couple of appointments, you’ll know what to expect so that the pain isn’t so bad afterall.

You’ll Need To Grow Your Hair

It is true that long hair is preferred over shorter hair for the waxing procedure. However, the length of the hair should be around a quarter of an inch. So, if you have longer hair, there is always an option to trim it down to the desired length for the waxing. That doesn’t mean that you’ll need to grow out your hair for waxing. Since the wax applied needs to properly attach to the hair, it is necessary that there is more contact surface between the hair and the wax. So it is recommended that you do not shave before the appointment and let it grow, a quarter of an inch.

These are are the most recurring myths about waxing that we hear from our customers. Now if you want to get your first wax or want to book your regular appointment with us. You can check the services that we provide to book the appointment for yourself. You can also visit our store directly.

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