How to File Your Nails

How to File Your Nails

Just as important as manicure, filing your nails the right way is essential for your nails. Nails are more sensitive than you think and even when you keep them short and filed. However, if done wrong, filing can cause your nails to grow weak and cause brittle nails. So, here is everything that you need to know about how to file your nails.

Choosing the suitable file for you is an essential step. If you have acrylic nails, coarse nail files will do the job; however, they will just cause a tear to your nails for natural nails. So, pick a file that is more suitable for your nails. The softer and more sensitive your nails are, the smoother the nail file you require.

Now that you have the right nail file that suits your nails, it is time for you to prepare your nails for proper filing. Firstly, clean your nails and dry them and decide the shape you want for your nails. Shaping your nails before the filing is crucial if you want to have salon-like perfection. So, give your nails a trim before you start filing them.

Please start with the edge or the side of your nails and file them parallel to your fingers. Do this for both sides. However, you must file in a single direction instead then rubbing them both ways. This will keep your nails intact and smooth. Now that you’ve done the sides, you’ve tended to a proper foundation for your nails.

Now, slowly file the nails to your nails towards the centre in the same manner in uni-direction. This way, bring your nails to the desired shape that you want. Now that you’re completed filling your nails, please give it a final sweep by buffing your nails. This will not only provide you with a shine to your nails but smoothen the rough edges that might be overlooked during the filing.

Keep maintaining this for every filing session, and you’ll start noticing your nails grow stronger for longer. You can also apply oils to your nails and cuticles for nourishment after each session.



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