Tips for Getting Rid Of Heavy Makeup

Sleeping in your cosmetics can tremendously affect your skin. Sleeping without removing the makeup increases the change of breakouts. Additionally, heavy makeup can clog your pores and make them more visible or larger. Here are some tips for getting rid of heavy makeup.

Why is it important to remove makeup?

Dozing in your makeup can have a huge impact on your skin. If you want to wake up with glowing and clean skin then you absolutely must take off all your makeup before bed. Therefore, taking off makeup is a skincare necessity.

Some of the reasons you need to remove your makeup at night:

1. It can increase the risk of breakouts 

The skin produces natural oil that fills in as a defensive layer that captures moisture. If you leave the makeup on overnight the two can combine in a pore-clogging combination that increases the chances of breakouts.

2. It can clog your pores, making them more visible and bigger.

Sleeping with makeup can clog your pores, making them look bigger. Cosmetics can embed themselves in the pores, clogging and stretching them which makes them more visible.

3. It can dehydrate your skin and throw off your oil balance. 

Keeping your skin covered in makeup overnight can throw off the balance of oil and water in your skin that keeps it fresh and moisturized, leaving your skin looking and feeling dehydrated in the morning.

The Correct Way to Remove Your Makeup

1. Use of Cleansing Micellar Water

Cleansing Micellar Water is the foundation of life, and it also helps to remove makeup as well as dirt, oil, and sebum without going through your cleansing routine. Not only is micellar water a fast and simple approach to eliminate makeup and contaminations, but it is delicate on your skin and material for all skin types.

2. Remove your lip color first. 

Make lipstick removal is the first step in your makeup removal routine. Simply, wipe a cotton pad gently around your lips after soaking the pad in micellar water or cleansing oil.

3. Be extra gentle around your eyes. 

Being harsh on the skin around your eyes can lead to irritation and may increase the appearance of wrinkles. Rather than, scrubbing away eye makeup, saturate a cotton pad in micellar water or makeup remover and lay it over your eyes for a few seconds before gently rubbing the makeup away.

4. Use a toner after cleansing your skin. 

Toner is typically used to condition your skin and to remove any excess oil left over after cleansing. It further boosts your cleansing routine by helping remove impurities that might remain even after you wash your face. Take a saturated cotton pad and wipe your skin gently before moisturizing.

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