How to shrink pores?

How to shrink pores?

If you are a skin freak and want smooth, glowing and soft skin, then you probably have wondered about how you can get rid of those annoying pores that stop you from getting the desired skin. Pores not only make your face look dull but also increases other skincare problems like acne and blackheads. Luckily, the appearance of the pores can be reduced to make your skin look younger. So, here are some effective tricks on how to shrink pores and make them look less visible

1.   Washing of Face

Washing our face in the morning and night is essential for skin care. Not only does it remove the excess dirt and oil from your face, but it also makes minimizes the size of the pores.

2.   Use of Sunscreen

Exposure to sunlight can dry our skin, making the pores more prominent. So, it is essential to apply sunscreen whenever you’re going out in the sun to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

3.   Drink Water

Drinking water dramatically improves our overall skin health and also help in shrinking the size of our pores. Water hydrates the skin internally and removes impurities from the pores. Hence, if you want to minimize the proportion of the pores, then you must stay hydrated.

4.   Remove makeup before going to bed.

Sleeping in cosmetics can have a massive impact on your skin. If not removed at night, the makeup can combine with oil and other impurities left on the face and clog up your pores. This makes the pores more significant and more visible the following day.

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