How to prevent acne?

How to prevent acne?

The most common skin disorder that people face primarily in their teenage is acne. Having a pimple on your face can be very disappointing. It can decrease your self-confidence and affect your social life. Although acne can be persistent, it can be avoided as long as you maintain a regular skincare routine and stay hydrated. So, here are some effective methods to prevent acne.

1.   Wash your face

Although a dirty face hardly causes acne, it is important to eliminate dirt, dead cells and excess oil on the face, which can clog your pores. Therefore, wash your face twice a day to remove all impurities from your face.

2.   Stay hydrated

Lack of hydration gives skin a dull appearance and promotes inflammation and redness. Dehydration also causes the skin’s oil glands to produce more oil, increasing the chance of developing acne. So, keep your body well hydrated to prevent acne.

3.   Limit Makeup

Using makeup can clog your pores and trigger outbreaks. So, limit the makeup your use on your face. Avoid using skin products that contain oil; instead, use non-comedogenic products and don’t forget to wash your makeup before bed.

4.   Don’t touch or pop your acne.

Popping acne can make it much worse. It increases inflammation and even causes a scar. So, avoid the temptation to squeeze acne and treat your acne with acne medication.

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