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Full Leg Waxing in Huntington Park, Los Angeles, California

Full Leg Waxing in Huntington Park is the best way for hair removal from the feet to the thighs among other hair removal methods. As there is no use of any harsh chemicals, waxing helps to remove the unwanted hair and keep your skin smooth without the side effects like dry skin. Using shaving creams on your legs is not very efficient as shaving makes the hair grow faster and harder.

You could use air removal creams but it is not healthy for the skin as it makes your skin dry and in some cases, it might even cause allergies. This is why waxing is the best way to have a smooth skin and healthy way to brighten the skin tone of your legs. We offer this service to both Men and Women.

The Full Leg Waxing in Huntington Park, not only removes the excess hair from the legs but also removes the dead skin cells from your legs. This provides a glow to your skin after the session. We also provide wax treatments that prevent inward hair growth and moisturize your skin. This will also help you better deal with the pain as well as retain the softness of your skin.

We offer a professional and hygienic Full Leg Waxing service for both Men and Women. Waxing is very quick and discomfort is minimal. After your first wax, hair growth is very less and the ones that do are finer and also aids in skincare. In other words, remember us for superb Full Legs Waxing in Huntington Park, Los Angeles, California

What is a Full Leg waxing Service?

When you arrive at our salon located a few miles from Los Angeles, you will be assured that your service is dealt with the utmost hospitality. With Full Leg Waxing service, we remove all the hair from the top of the feet all the way up to the thigh.

We first clean your legs for the removal of excess oil as well as sweat from your hair. This ensures the hair to properly stick to the wax. Then, the waxing process goes very smoothly and efficiently and removes dead skin cells.

Our professionals then apply the wax as per your choice to remove the hair from your legs.
The gentle hands of our professional cause the least irritation possible as they have years of waxing experience.

What sort of product do we use for Full Leg Waxing?

There are many kinds of products out there in the market for waxing. Hard wax, soft wax and strip wax are the more popular options out there. At Dazzling Beauty Salon we use only the best products that are of high-quality.

There is a wide range of professional quality waxing products that we use. We use these products as per your choice and as per your skin type. The products that we use are those which are more suitable for your skin.

This waxing service is performed using honey wax. This hot wax is a superior product that is applied at a lower temperature. It remains flexible for longer and removes the hair easily. It is also gentle on the skin and tough on hair.

What should I do before an appointment?

1. Ensure your hair is grown between 1/2cm and 1cm long.

2. Exfoliate your skin before the day of the appointment. This will ensure that there are no dead skins and excess oil in your hair. This opens up the pores properly which will make it easier to remove the hair from the hair follicles.

3. You’ll need to avoid tanning and sunburn a week before the appointment.

4. Avoid moisturizer in the area.

How do I book appointments?

There are three ways to book an appointment for your Full Leg Waxing in California:

1. In-Person – You may visit our salon located at 2550 E Slauson Ave Ste E, Huntington Park, CA 90255

2. Contact us on (323) 749 6488 to make an appointment

3. Online – To book an appointment online simply click use appointment booking form located at the button of this page.

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