Myths about Facial

Myths about Facial

There are a ton of myths about facial out there. Some are convinced that facials aren’t good for the skin, and some swear by it. In amidst these conflicting opinions, we’re here to clear the cloud and provide you with some facts that help shed light on this issue. So without any delay, let’s get straight into the list.

Many facials are available out there. And to you, a first time might be challenging as you might not know what to book. Many salons are claiming a facial to change your life and whatnot. However, this is all fluff, and that brings us to our first myth:

Immediate Results

Facials do not yield immediate results and are not going to be the same for everyone. Meaning, each face and skin type require a specific treatment that will work for them. And the result is generally noticed after a few sessions as facials are more of a precaution than a cure. If you’re expecting a facial to work like a miracle, then you’re in for a disappointment. Facials nurture your skin’s needs and prevent any damage that might arise due to the lack of that need. So if you’ve just come from a session and expect some results, that is not how it works.

DIY Facial

Many products are claiming to replace the salon facial altogether with facial treatments in the comfort and privacy of your home. Though, it is good to have some treatments done at home and save some dough. It might be wise to leave some treatments to the professionals and do what they do best. Especially in the case of extraction, letting the professionals do what they do best is so true. Don’t fall for the extraction tools that provide you salon-like treatment at home. These procedures need proper execution; otherwise, it might cause severe damage to your skin health.

Just Scrubbing Will Do

Physical scrubs for exfoliating are not the best way to clean-up your skin. They can do more harm than good. You might feel your skin to be smooth just after a scrub. Still, in reality, physical scrubs like apricot or walnut scrubs strip up the natural oil from your skin and make it dry, cause wrinkles, and might cause improper aging. It is better to use chemical exfoliants recommended to you by your esthetician. And visiting the salon, you trust to do the exfoliation for you.

Facial Is A Luxury

A facial is not just a luxury, though; it feels like one. It provides the necessary care required by your skin type and helps you maintain balanced skin. Meaning, if you have oily skin prone to breakouts, it helps maintain your skin’s pH level and reduces the oils to give it a fresh look. Or if you have dry skin, it helps moisturize your skin, so your skin looks more bright and provides a natural blush. So, it depends upon the type of skin and the treatment it requires.

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