Best Food Choices for Glowing Skin

What is the best food for your skin?

Everybody wants that radiant skin that looks like a third-trimester glow without the pain of labor. What we keep forgetting is that your body is dependent on food intake. What you eat defines how your body works, how your skin looks. All beauty products are just there to enhance beauty. You need to first create a soft natural glowing skin by choosing proper food that compliments your skin. The keyword here is antioxidants and other nutrients that are needed by your body to make your skin more youthful and radiant. Antioxidants are extremely imports as they act as a buffer between your skin and harmful elements

Why is proper food necessary for the skin?

Some Nutrients that compliment your skin protects your skin from sun’s rays, some of these nutrients also help in hydrating the skin
, Some nutrients limit skin damages from harmful molecules known as free radicals, Some processed, refined snacks add skin inflammation which can cause redness, acne and a breakdown of structure that leads to sagging

What foods to eat to get antioxidants for glowing skin:

There are a lot of foods that you can eat to get the proper amount of antioxidants for eg: blueberries, oranges, pomegranates, tomatoes, watermelon, avocadoes, Kale, Sweet Potatoes, Wild Salmon, Green tea.

You might have already guessed the above food and fruits. A lot of these fruits have vitamin c which keeps the skin firm and fights the appearance of aging. This food provides a lot of antioxidants and fight free radicals and promote good skin tone. Fruits like avocados have vitamin a and e which guards your skin against UV rays and keeps the skin moisturized.

Now there are some foods that you think might not be good for you but actually are. One of them is Fatty Fish. Coldwater fatty fish including herring, sardines, and salmons as they provide omega 3 fatty acids that helps to reduce the risk of skin cancer and also reduce damages or ultraviolet rays.

Other things you can eat for omega 3 and 6 can be Walnuts which can be a substitute if you are a vegetarian.

Let’s see, we need to give you a list of other things that can be really good for your skin. If you see Almonds, Sunflower seeds or flax seeds, then go for it! These seeds have protective fatty oils and provide vitamins and antioxidants. Flax seeds also consist of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). This allows for reduced skin sensitivity, reduced roughness, reduced scaling, increased hydration, smoother skin.

You could all try Soy if you like it as it contains compounds called isoflavones. This compound helps in protecting the skin especially females

Look for Carotene and beta- carotene:

Antioxidants like carotene and beta carotene protect your skin from free radicals. Here are some of the food choices you can eat to get the required carotene

sweet potatoes
bell peppers

Things to avoid :

We have talked about what to eat but let’s shed some light on what not to eat! Some of you already know the things listed here but still do not make changes. I hope seeing this in a formal blog will blatantly change your thinking.

  1. Caffeine: is a stimulant and a diuretic. Large dosage of caffeine may remove an unhealthy amount of water from the body and definitely DRIES OUT SKIN
  2. Processed or Refined food: Processed food that you buy from stores contains a high amount of carbohydrates and refined sugar which speeds the aging process.

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