Common Myths About Eyebrow Shaping

Common Myths About Eyebrow Shaping

There is no one way to get the set of eyebrows that is perfect for you. Everyone has a different and unique pair of eyebrows. Everyone wants to have the ideal set of them that matches their facial structure. There are certain myths out there regarding eyebrow threading and maintenance that really ought to be busted. We have prepared a list of the most recurring common myths about eyebrow shaping that we hear from our customers.

Eyebrow Pencil Will Be Sufficient For Defined Brows

Eyebrow pencils are primarily for temporary use to give the brow a fullness. However, it won’t provide the natural look you get from threading, waxing, or tinting. Pencils don’t define your eyebrows.

Redness In Face After The Session Is Inevitable

This is a piece of false information. The beautician that you have your eyebrow threading with will use essential ointments to the open pores that help prevent any irritation that you might have faced. There is also some post-treatment care that can prevent redness.

There Is No Return From Over-plucked Brows.

First of all, the chances of over-plucking while visiting a professional are slim. However, should it happen by accident, then there are tons of ways to fix them. You can use an eyebrow shaping brush to give it a natural look. Pencils are also good options till the brow grows back in a couple of months.

We Should Not Tweeze Above The Brow

There is a common myth that removing the hair above the brow line will prevent you from getting that desired arches. However, that is not the case. While it is better not to mess with your natural brow line, it is advisable to remove some of the hairs on the way to give your brows a defined look.

Threading Continuously Will Stop Hair Growth

This myth is very misleading as threading repeatedly won’t stop the hair growth altogether. But it has the opposite effect. The more you shape your brows with threading or waxing, the rate of hair growth increases.

Color Of Your Hair And Brow Should Be The Same.

This is also one of the common misconceptions. Your hair colour and eyebrows don’t need to be the same. The brow can be a shade lighter or darker than the hair and won’t look out of place. It might even look better to have different shades in some cases.

Waxing Your Brows Will Make It Grow Faster

We recommend threading over waxing when it comes to eyebrows. However, this is an entirely wrong notion that waxing will somehow make your brow grow faster. Any hair removal method, be it threading, waxing, or tweezing, will yield a similar result for hair growth.


You Need To Have Identical Brows

Yes, we are somewhat obsessed with symmetry. And having a celebrity-like symmetrical face is desirable to everyone. However, not everyone has a perfectly symmetrical face. Your brows don’t need to be perfectly identical; you can have them shaped with a bit of variation depending upon your face.



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