Mulling Over Brazilian Waxing?

Mulling Over Brazilian Waxing?

If you’ve known about Brazilian Waxing and avoiding it for long then its finally time to try it out. You must’ve heard people say they wouldn’t go back to shaving even if they get paid for it and you must be skeptical. There must have been thoughts about the pain you’ve felt during waxing your armpits and legs and can only imagine the worst about waxing your pubes off. You are half-right if you wouldn’t mind having to spend about 20 minutes grooming your hoo-ha twice every week. But, with work and your love-life, having to shave daily is a bit of a job. Even, the hair-removal creams are too frequent and tedious in some days. It is inevitable to have one’s spirits down about the routine on some rainy day. With all the online buzz about the waxing and how easy it makes one’s life, it is definitely worth a shot. So, stop mulling it over and try it out for yourself.

Things You Will Need To Do:

i) Let Your Pubes Grow:

First, few days are going to be okay but as your pubes grow longer, you are going to feel a bit itchy and uncomfortable but do not trim it off, let them grow.

ii) Skip Your Work-out For A Day:

Don’t work out the day of your appointment. It would make your muscles tense, hot and the area more sensitive which would just increase the pain.

iii) Don’t Be Nervous, Chill:

Have a glass of wine and relax. Some of the waxers even suggest Ibuprofen before the appointment which is a piece of good advice.

Is it Really Worth it?

The 30 minutes of waxing session isn’t all hell. The Brazilian waxing is the same as any other waxing on the higher part of your vagina. However, as you go lower, the pain is going to increase. The pain is the highest while waxing the hair off your lips. But you’ll be loaded up with ice immediately to prevent any further pain after the procedure is complete.
After the waxing is done you’ll be advised to use a Cortisone Cream or Teatree Lotion or an Aloe vera lotion to your vag and avoid tighter clothes, sex and activities that would cause excess sweat and friction in the area. You would still feel a little pain on the second day after the waxing. But you’ll understand what all the hype about the waxing is in a week. You’ll notice how smooth and soft your vagina feels, with less sweat and the relief of not having to waste any time shaving your pubes.
It gets easier the second time and a lot easier after a few times. You’ll get used to and better at dealing with the pain and the procedure seems down-right bearable. With the added benefits of softer hair growth and also in low amounts; 30 minutes of treatment is definitely worth it.

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