Best Eyebrow Shaping Tips:

Best Eyebrow Shaping Tips – 2020

Working on with your eyebrows is not as easy as you think. One slight error can ruin the charm of your face. Shaping your eyebrow at home unless you’re a professional, can be deemed dangerous.Here are some of the best eyebrow shaping tips for you.

People tend to go with the DIY hacks and try tweezing their brows on their own. They only end up getting a hilarious look. 

So, before you go on withdrawing the tweezers and start off, improvise the amateur version of you. Collect some professional tips and techniques from here for shaping your eyebrows to stay on fleek.

The tips mentioned below can assist you in determining the perfect shape for your brows according to your facial structure & execute the whole thing perfectly.

Here are some of the best eyebrow shaping tips to shape your eyebrows perfectly

Be confident in determining your ideal shape

Instead of directly tweezing your brows or plucking the stray hairs, you first have to become confident in determining the shape of your eyebrows, how you want them to be like.

Many tools(computer-based) can be found in this era, using which you can edit the eyebrows in your portrait and see how you’re gonna look. Doing this can be very effective in acquiring the ideal shape with the least flaws.

Also, make sure to surf the Internet before going on with the actual tweezing of your brows. You can see many brow shapes that actually match your face-cut.

For example, if you have got an oval face probably most of the eyebrow shapes will suit you unless the brows are overly arched or overly straight. If your face is long, on the other hand, aim for slightly thick eyebrows that aren’t too long or arched.

The natural brow shape of everyone differs. Only a few people in the world have perfectly shaped eyebrows and fewer amongst them also have the natural shape of their eyebrow that exactly matches their facial structure. Some have thick eyebrows while some have thin.

The soft angled brow lines and the hard angled brow lines are the main classifiers of the eyebrow types.

Sometimes, the ideal shape of your brows that you want can be achieved easily but after a week you may notice that your eyebrows don’t actually look the same like it used to be in the earlier days (a week before you had tweezed your brows).

Tracking the hair growth of your brows can eradicate this issue but it might not seem very practical to all of us.

Stay focused while tweezing and trimming your brows

Here are some steps regarding how you must start tweezing and trimming your brows.

  • Outline your desired eyebrow shape using the brow pencil. The darker the eyebrow pencils the more clear the dots you mark. Then you can see the hairs that fall beyond the outlined territory.

Use a magnifying mirror then and go slowly (one hair at a time). Avoid overplucking the stray hairs so that you won’t finish off getting an abnormal look.

  • Brush the brow hairs in the direction that they grow.
  • It’s actually wiser trimming the long strands of hair from the end because plucking it can create patchy spaces around and give an unusual shaping to your brows.
Best Eyebrow Makeup Tools

Selecting the best tools for your eyebrow or the best brow fillers is also a matter of concern for all of us who want charming eyes and a gorgeous appearance. Here are some of the best brow fillers that you should consider using.

a. Brow powder

It acts as the best filler for lightly filling in brows. Make sure to use the color of brow powder that closely matches your brow color and apply it with a wedge or a spoolie brush.

Apply pressure on it if you want a bit darker color.

b. Brow Gels

It can be applied to the eyebrow very easily. It actually contributes to defining your eyebrows natural.

c. Eyebrow Pencils

Unlike the eyebrow pencils which produce hard looks or tangles the brow hair, eyebrow pencils work at first-rate. A smooth, light-textured, soft and dry finish can produce excellent output.

Pomades or brow creams can also be used in filling your brows. It can react faster and heavy so apply it slowly using angled brow brushes.

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