Tips To Prevent Hairfall

Tips To Prevent Hairfall

Hairfall is a common issue most people face around the world. About 25 percent of Men face hairfall before the age of 21 and about 45 percent of Women face hairfall in any period throughout their life.

There are many sites online that claim to have the remedy for hairfall to try selling you their products. With a lot of noise online about proven remedies to prevent hairfall that don’t actually work, we have prepared a list of things that cause hairfall, the dos and the don’ts.

Poor Blood Circulation on Scalp

Proper circulation of blood is very essential to the overall health of the body. Likewise, our hair also needs to have required nutrition and oxygen through the proper circulation of blood. Should the blood circulation of the blood decrease towards the scalp, the hairfall will be inevitable even with the proper care of the hair strands. So what is the solution to this? 

Having the scalp massaged with oil is one of the best ways to improve the blood circulation on the scalp. However, avoid aromatic oils that use artificial chemicals to make the oil smell good. Use natural oil like coconut or almond oil for massaging your scalp.

Also, exercising even 15 minutes a day can significantly improve the blood circulation of the overall body which will definitely aid in having healthy hair.


Improper Diet Can Cause Hair Issues

Our bodies are very susceptible to what we eat. Like any other parts of our body, the food we eat is going to have its impact on the hair. However, keeping a healthy diet is much more difficult as we have tastier, more easier fast-foods or processed-foods around us as an option.

Our hair is made out of protein and protein rich diet is much needed to have healthy hair that doesn’t get damaged and fall easily. Being a little conscious of what we eat goes a long way on having healthier hair that doesn’t fall.


Overuse of Hair-Products Increases Hair Loss

It is no secret that hair-products are not good for the health of your hair. Even some hair products that claim to do good temporarily might have damning effects on the long run. Overusing the hair-products on a daily basis will lead to damaged hair and will speed up hair loss. It is always suggested to wash off the hair-products before going to bed. So, it will be wise to cut down on some of the hair products and avoid using too many products on your hair.


Brushing Wet Hair Causes HairFall

There are some days where you shower and brush your hair immediately so that it is manageable. This can cause a lot of damage to the hair and further aid in hair fall. As the hair and the hair follicles are much weaker when wet, you should not brush the hair during this period. Each of our hair goes through a cycle. Brushing of hair while wet speeds up the process of damaging your hair and makes them fall even faster. Softly wipe the moisture off your hair using towels and let it dry in the air.

Heat Is Bad For Hair Causes Hairfall

A lot of us use blow dryers that emit hot air to dry our hair. Using this daily can cause the scalp to be dry and hair to be frizzy. You should also avoid hair-straightening machines as much as possible. This is also one of the major reasons for unhealthy, frizzy hair. Even taking a hot shower is bad for the health of the hair. Always wash your hair with water which is in or below room temperature. 


Tying Your Hair Tightly Causes HairFall

There is nothing wrong with tying your hair. However, tying your hair too tightly is one of reasons for you to lose the vigour of your hair. Tying the hair too tightly will cause unnecessary pressure on the hair-follicles and make them weak. Let your scalp breathe freely and hair grow strong.


These are some of the major causes of hairfall. Avoiding these missteps goes a long way on keeping your hair healthy and avoiding excess hairfall. As we say here at Dazzling Beauty Salon, Healthy is Pretty.
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