Remedies For Weak Or Brittle Nails

Remedies For Weak Or Brittle Nails

Are you looking for remedies for weak or brittle nails? If so this is just the thing for you to read. As nails play a significant role in your overall beauty-whether you’re going to work or a night out, having healthy nails that you can colour match your lovely dress can make your look outstanding. When you know you look amazing, you feel terrific. However, you might be suffering from nails that chip away when you try to grow them to your desired length. They might be dry and brittle or flaky and tear away. No matter the case, here are some tried and tested tips for your healthy and strong nails.

  1. Trim Your Nails Short

The problem with brittle nails is that they chip away so easily. That is why the first step to taking care of your nails is to trim your nails. Short nails are easier to maintain and don’t chip away easily. So without worrying that your nails look ugly, you can now focus on taking care of them and making them stronger.

  1. Avoid Nail Polish and Nail Polish Removers

If you have weak nails, then ease off on nail polish, even if they aren’t harmful. Let your nails breathe. Also, since you stop using nail polish, you won’t need to use nail polish removers. Polish removers are harsh and make your nails dry—worried about your nails looking terrible without polish? Don’t! We are providing you some healthy tips for your nails to look pretty without polish. 

  1. Moisturize Your Nails and Cuticles

Moisturization is essential to your nails. You can use your regular hand creams or prepare a concoction at home to moisturize (This is a topic for another day). You can use coconut oils or almond oils for moisturization. Just make sure you are consistent with it.

  1. Avoid Water On Your Nails

We don’t mean cutting out water completely; you have to wash your hands after all. But limit the exposure of your nails to water. You can use gloves while doing the dishes. Especially, use gloves while cleaning around the house as exposure to those liquid chemicals also affects your nails.

  1. Careful With Hand Sanitizers

We know Covid-19 is still out there, and you should keep hand sanitizers with you at all times. However, try avoiding excess use of hand sanitizers as they have alcohol in them that causes your nails to dry. You can counter the use of sanitizer by topping off lotion to your nails.

  1. Filing The Right Way

You should avoid using grainy files on your nails. Use files with smoother surfaces—also fine your nails in any one direction. Filing to and fro will cause your nails to form ridges to the edges and causes breakage.

  1. Eat Healthy And Drink Much Water

This statement is true for all health issues. We are better off if we follow this simple truth. Eating healthy and drinking adequate water will not only have a positive effect on your nails but have a positive effect overall. Try maintaining a protein-rich diet for healthy nails.

These are some of the basic remedies for weak and brittle nails. Try these things for a couple of months to see their positive effects. If you have tried all these tips and still face issues with your nails, then visiting a doctor is probably the best way to go.

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