How To Makeup During A Workout

How To Makeup During A Workout

This article weighs the pros and the cons of makeup while working out and tells you how to make up during a workout. Working-out is no doubt one of the best things you can do for your health. After all, a healthy person is a beautiful person. Makeup and workout look like an odd couple, and actually, they are. We understand the tight-clothes, bright lights, and all the sweat inside the gym is a challenging spot, especially if you have a pimple. However, many skin experts clearly state that working out on makeup is not suitable for your skin.

But if you have to wear makeup during a workout, be it due to time constraints or to give yourself a little confidence-boost during the session, there are right ways to do it. First, let’s talk about the safest way to work out, i.e., without makeup, and the reasons why to ditch the makeup look.

Firstly, Makeup Clogs Pores: 

It is no surprise that you sweat during a workout. This is a way for your body to cool itself off. As the body temperature rises, the pores in your body and face open up to release sweat. The makeup that you applied to your skin will cause intrusion to the pores and disturb sweat flow. The pore size will increase as the sweat, and makeup get stuck on them. The healthy alternative is not to wear any makeup to let your skin breathe freely.

Second, Makeup Causes Irritation:

The sweat, the makeup that you wear, be it smudge-proof or not, will irritate your skin as the bacteria surrounding the gym equipment gets transferred to your face via your hands. They cling to the makeup, which might irritate your skin during the workout. As a result, you won’t be able to focus like you should in your workout.

Both of the reasons mentioned above have effects that might stick down the line. This might not necessarily age the skin; however, it will affect your skin’s texture in the long-run. Now, onto what you need to do if you want to use makeup during the workout.

– Stick To Oil-free Foundations

If you must use a foundation, use oil-free, light foundations that won’t clog up the pores as much and let your skin breathe

– Light-textured SPF Creams

SPF creams are a must if you’re working out outdoors. Pick the creams that have a light texture that is absorbed by your skin quickly.

– Mineral Makeup:

Switch to mineral makeup instead of chemical ones. Mineral makeup is likely not to irritate your skin.

– Concealer:

Suppose you’re using makeup so that you can cover an unsightly pimple or a patchy area of your skin. In that case, concealers may be the way to go instead of full-face makeup.

These are the few ways to use makeup during a workout. But most importantly, do not forget to get rid of the makeup post-workout as leaving the makeup and the sweat during the workout may have severe results. 

Also, if it’s possible, cleanse your face adequately pre-workout before applying any makeup. This way, you can preserve your skin health even if you can’t let go of makeup before a workout.

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