How To Treat Extremely Dry Skin

Causes and Treatment of Dry Skin

Dry Skin is always an irritating issue for all of us. The flakes flying away like there is no tomorrow. Your whole skin becoming ashy. No one would want to have this issue.

You might feel tightness in the skin even after bathing or swimming, the skin looks rough, there is itching and flaking , redness and even in some cases redness and even cracks spewing a little bit of blood now and then.

Let dive right in on what might cause this condition in most of us and how to deal with it

Causes of Dry Skin:

Weather can present itself to be one of the most prime reasons for dry skin. Skin mostly is the driest in winter when the temperature and the humidity level in the environment suddenly starts dropping drastically.

Even heat can cause dry skin, instruments like space heaters ,wooden stoves, fire burning place all are responsible for reducing humidity and can cause dry skin.

Harsh soaps , detergents : These products have harmful chemicals to the skin. With constant use , your skin will start cracking up and this may result in dry skins. You might have noticed when your skin starts to scale when kept in detergent water for too long. The use of these products to your skin must be reduced to absolute necessities.

Medical Skin Conditions: Skin conditions like atopic dermatitis or psoriasis can cause dry skins. If you suffer from this then its best to consult a medical professional

How To Treat Dry Skin:

The First thing to remember whilst treating dry skin is the lack of moisture. So Use moisturizers constantly. It provides a seal of layer on top of your skin that stop water from escaping. You should opt for cosmetics that contain moisturizer . If its an extreme condition then baby oil is the best remedy. You could also opt for more power materials with more staying power like baby oils and Vaseline that has petroleum jelly for better protection.

Bath Time reduction: We do not mean stop taking baths or anything like that. But the amount of time that your take in hot showers must be controlled. Long showers remove the natural oil from your skin and if you are not treating it afterwards then your skin is probably getting dry. The key is to limit your shower time to 5-10 mins and use Luke warm water to bathe instead of scolding hot water.

After you take baths , please remember to moisturize your skin properly. Within 5-10 mins of bathing ,  apply moisturizing ointments. Use products that contain glycerin or lactic acid . Petroleum jelly is also fine!
you should limit the use of harsh soaps on your skin. Use soaps with natural oils extracts. There are cleansing shower body wash in the market that may help. Please remember anything with alcohol is a no!

Another things that happens to a small segments of people. They get skin irritation due to dryness. A lot of it is caused to what clothes you wear. Always go for cotton , silk and stuff as they are more gentle to the skin. If possible avoid polyester, and wool.

If you have inflammation, apply cool compresses to the area. To reduce inflammation, use a nonprescription hydro cortisone cream or ointment, containing at least 1 percent hydro cortisone. If these measures don’t relieve your symptoms or if your symptoms worsen, see your doctor or consult a dermatologist.

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