Ways to Have long and healthy nail

Ways to Have long and healthy nail


Having healthy nails play an essential role in your overall beauty. Whether you’re going to work or a party, having long and hygienic can further enhance your look. So, we bring you some ways  to have a long and healthy nail.


1.   Use Nail Polish

Nail polish adds another layer of protection to your natural nail bed. Moreover, it also prevents impurities like water from getting into your nails.

2.   Use Nail Oil

Nail oil keeps your nail hydrated and flexible, preventing snapping and breaking when you hit your nail on some things. Flexible nails are more likely to blend and flex under pressure rather than breaking or snapping. So, it is essential to use nail oil for the protection of the nail.

3.   Moisturise your nails

Dry, brittle nails can cause your nails to break. They’re ultimately a cry for moisture, so consider using a proper moisturiser that makes your nail clean and hydrated.

4.   keep the nails short and trimmed

Having small nails are easier to maintain, and they don’t break easily. So in spite, of worrying that your nails look ugly, you can focus on taking care of them and making them stronger. Therefore, take some time to trim your nails.

5.   Careful with Hand Sanitisers

We all know that during the Covid-19 crisis, and you should keep hand sanitisers with you at all times. However, try avoiding excess use of hand sanitisers as they have alcohol in them that causes your nails to dry. You can counter the use of sanitiser by topping off lotion to your nails.

6.   Healthy Diet and Water

This statement is true for all health issues. Having a healthy diet has a positive effect on your nails and your overall health. Make an effort to maintain a protein-rich diet for healthy nails.

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