How to avoid bad breath?

How to avoid bad breath?

Bad breath can be huge trouble for people that can cause embarrassment, anxiety and affect their everyday interaction. You would likely develop a bad reputation for the person you’re talking to because of bad breath. So, how can we avoid bad breath? Although most people suffer from bad breath, it can be prevented in simple steps.

Improper oral hygiene, coated tongue, food residue on the mouth, dry mouth etc., cause bacteria to grow on the mouth that produces smelly order. If not taken enough care of, the bacteria release a Sulphur compound that gives you stinky breath. So, here are some practical ways to avoid bad breath.

1.   Brush Everyday

It is essential to brush your teeth every day to avoid bad breath. Brushing your teeth helps to remove the trapped food and get rid of plaque that collects the bacteria in your mouth. So, brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once to keep your breath fresh.

2.   Scrape your tongue

The coating that generates on the tongue can gather bacteria that cause smelly breath.  Therefore, it is necessary to also brush your tongue. Use tongue cleaner to clean your tongue once a day.

3.   Avoid dry mouth

Keeping your mouth moist can reduce the smell of your breath. So, drink enough water or chew gum or candy to stimulate saliva production.

4.   Maintain your diet

Avoid food such as onion, garlic if you want your breath to smell fresh. Consuming too many sugary foods can also cause bad breath.

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