Tips for Salon-style Healthy Nails

Tips for Salon-style Healthy Nails

You don’t always need to rely upon your salon to have salon-style healthy nails. There are certain things that you need to follow besides visiting your favourite salon for a manicure. Here are some of the basic tips for salon-style healthy nails at home. These tips are tried and tested and are guaranteed to show results. On top of that, it does not require you to buy anything extra or cost you for the process. To make the list even more clear, we’ll mention some of the dos and don’ts for you to follow.

Starting with the don’ts, firstly let’s clear off some of the more obvious things.

1. Do Not Bite Your Nails.

We all know it is a nasty habit but when the urge hits you, right? However, it not only leaves your nails to look terrible, it also weakens your nails and cuticles in the long run. If that doesn’t make you stop then think of all the germs that go into your mouth through your nails. That should give you the shudder and help you stop biting your nails. Or carry a small clipper just in case, next time the urge hits you. 

2. Do Not Scrape The Polish Off Your Nails.

You’ve probably noticed someone with scraped off nails and seen how ridiculous it looks or it might just be your own nails. But it is actually worse than it looks. The scrape won’t just take off the polish off your nails but also take off the top layers of the nail. This will make your nails full of ridges and may leave your nails looking uneven and terrible even after a fresh coat of nail polish. Always have a nail polish remover tissues with you.

3. Avoid Chemicals Products That Harm Your Nails.

There are some products that work really well and others that despite working well have side effects as well. Now you might not want to say goodbye to your gel and acrylics cause they make your nails look so pretty. However, that comes with a price and not the type you’d like to pay upfront. Both the acrylic and gel have a lot of chemicals in them that degrade your nail and also to the skin around your nail. You can also add harsh nail-polish, nail-hardeners and polish removers containing acetone to your list of things to avoid.

4. Say No To Water-Based Manicures.

Water based manicures work fine, however, it doesn’t work as well as oil-based manicures. As the nail bed absorbs the water, it expands. Applying any nail-polish during this time will only lead to chipping as the nail-bed shrinks down to its original shape. Switching to oil-based manicure will in turn help moisturize your nail and the cuticles without any chipping.

5. Stop Using Rough Emery Boards.

Emery Boards with rough textures does more harm than good. Though, it is a matter of personal preference and type of nails that you have. However, using files with moderate grains in them is the way to go.

These are some of the common things to avoid to keep your nails healthy. Maintaining healthy nails is fairly easy if you follow these tips. Now onto the thing to do. 

1. Fixing Your Cuticles.

Taking care of your cuticles is a good way to avoid unnecessary damage to the skin around the nails. As the cuticles tend to tear easily and cause pain if they are not mended. Clipping them gently is a good way to keep the area around your nails clean

2. Moisturizing The Nails.

Though you get a manicure to get your nails and cuticles moisturized. It is important to use moisturizer to prevent your nails and cuticles from drying up which gives it a flaky look and are prone to breakage. You can use your regular hand cream, or oils for moisturization.

3. Trimming Regularly.

Trimming is absolutely necessary if you want to keep your nails healthy. Keeping your nails long may lead to bending of the nails which is hard to maintain. If you want to keep a good shape of your nail then giving it a neat trim is always recommended.

4. Proper polishing.

We all love nail-polishing. However, if you never get that salon-perfect nails when you apply the polish at home then you’re probably not doing it right. First apply a base coat to your nail. This will provide a protective layer to the nails and help the polish look better. Then apply the nail polish in layers and reapply instead of giving it a thick single stroke. This will ensure your nail polish stays longer and refrain from chipping. 

5. Use Gloves.

If you want to protect all the work you put in your nails then using gloves during your household chores is the thing to do. This will prevent unnecessary water exposure to your nails and keep them looking shiny and smooth.

These are some of the basic tips for salon-style healthy nails at home. 

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