Skin Care Routine during Quarantine

With the current pandemic, many of us have gone into self-quarantine. Though this is a terrible situation, it might just be the best thing for your skin. However, if not taken proper care of the skin, you might just lose the opportunity for you to have a perfect skin for the days when the outbreak is all over.

There are many advantages of staying at home for your skin as there is no harsh sunlight, few make-ups or no make-up at all. Though there is a downside to all this with you being stuck at your home all day. Your diet and exercise does play a vital role, however, your skin also needs some extra attention if you want the best version of your skin health.

With the advice from our professional estheticians here at Dazzling Beauty Salon, we have prepared a guide to Skin Care Routine during quarantine. So don’t worry about the how and the what, cause we’ve got you covered.

1. Cleansing:

The first thing your skin needs after a long beauty sleep is cleansing. With all the oil that comes out of the pores during your sleep, use a cleanser that suits your skin to rid the impurities.


2. Hydrating Facial:

With drinking plenty of water, you’ll also need to hydrate your skin. Have a hydrating facial on your face and apply it as directed by the product. This will get your skin a natural glow and might even help with the bloating of the skin.


3. Face Massage:

If you don’t already have a face massager, get one. You can also use your palm with moisturizer to massage your face. It will get the blood running and brighten up your skin.


4. Apply Moisturizer:

Being at home all day with the air-conditioner might dry your skin. Even without any of those, apply moisturizer to your skin so your skin can remain baby soft.


5. Don’t over do it:

This is probably the most important of the steps. Don’t try experimenting with products that you don’t know and don’t obsess over healthy skin. This will lead to stress and you’ll be walking the opposite direction from where you want to be. You don’t need to have a face mask every single day. Just use the products that you know will work.Staying stress free and happy with your family plays the most important role on your skin health. Follow these steps, stay healthy and beautiful.

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