Ways to get the Perfect set of Nails

Nails are an essential part of beauty. Having healthy nails that are strong, shiny and are well-trimmed is better than having polished nails. However, getting the perfect nails with exposure to water, cleaning products, and more is challenging. Constant exposure to these chemicals that we use in our daily lives for chores and prolonged exposure to water makes our nails weak and brittle. So as always, we end up with dry and short nails. However, the goal here is not to have long nails but to have healthy ones. So here are some of the ways to get the perfect set of nails.

Although longer nails are more attractive than short stubby nails, there must be a balance between fashion and utility. So having nails to a perfect length that doesn’t break easily should be the focus. There are specific steps you can take to reach that goal. Though this is not going to happen quickly, these steps curated with much thought are based on experience, and you will gradually get the nails you always wanted naturally.

Short Nails to get the Perfect Nails

If you have weak and brittle nails, then keeping them short is the only way forward. Short nails are easy to care for and do not chip away. If you have weak nails, it is better to avoid using nail paint, even non-toxic. This is because using nail polish will also require you to use nail polish remover. It is crucial that you entirely avoid nail polish remover as they are not suitable for nail health. This is why you might have to give up your favourite shade of nail polish for a while. 

Polish remover is strong and dries out your nails. You won’t need nail polish removers now that you’ve stopped using nail polish. Instead, allow your nails to breathe, and keep using oils to lubricate your nails. It would be best if you were careful about using hand sanitizer as they are alcohol-based. You can balance the use of sanitizer by using lotion on your nails. This will, over time, improve the health of the nails and help you grow your nails out to get that perfect set of nails.

Maintaining a Protein-Rich Diet:

As the nails are made of Keratin, a protein type, consuming a protein-rich diet will undoubtedly improve the quality of your nails. It is also essential to watch over what you eat. Overall, health also plays a significant role in your nail health. All the basic things that you hear about keeping our healthy should be followed to maintain healthy nails. Drinking adequate water, a protein-based diet, and regular exercise will aid your journey to get healthier nails. Try including special foods that are high in Keratin in your diet. Using keratin supplements can also do much good to your nail health as well as your hair. However, it is better you consult an expert before using any supplements. Maintaining a healthy diet is a natural way to improve your nail health. So do focus on what you eat as well.

Nail Protection For Perfect Nails

If you already have nails that aren’t weak and brittle but misses that natural shine, you are much closer to your goal. It is critical to have healthy nails for your overall look and shine. That is why the first step is to protect the nails from the outside environment. Nail polish is the easiest way to do that. It adds an extra layer of protection to your natural nail base. So even if you hit your nail against something, it will have a protective layer to prevent damage. Using nail oil is another essential step to keep your nails healthy. It keeps it lubricated and flexible, avoiding cracking and breaking. 

In addition, the oil will prevent your nails from getting dry, which will prevent brittle nails. Flexible nails are more likely to mix and bend under stress rather than break. As a result, it is necessary to use nail oil to keep the nail in good condition. So for the first few weeks, keep a consistent nail coat and maintain your nails using oils. It is essential that you use non-toxic nail polish, so you don’t further damage your nails. 

Filing your Nails the right way:

Filing your nails correctly is just as vital as having a good manicure. Even if you keep your nails short and filed, they are more delicate than you realize. On the other hand, Filing can cause your nails to become weak and brittle if done incorrectly. So, here’s all you need to know about filing your nails. Choosing the best file for you is a critical step. If you have artificial nails, coarse nail files can suffice; nevertheless, they will cause a rip in your natural nails. So, use a file that is more suited to your nails. The smoother the nail file you need, the softer and more delicate your nails are. You can find more details on how to file your nails here.

Healthy Cuticles for Perfect Nails:

Taking care of your cuticles might help you prevent causing unneeded harm to the area around your nails. Cuticles are prone to tearing and causing discomfort if not repaired. Gently clipping your nails is a practical approach to keep the area surrounding your nails clean. Moisturizing your cuticles is critical for healthy nails. To moisturize, you can use your regular hand lotions or make a homemade combination. You can also use coconut or almond oils. Just make sure you follow through on it regularly. You receive a manicure to nourish your nails and cuticles. However, it is equally important to apply moisturizer to keep your cuticles from drying out, which gives them a flaky appearance. Unhealthy cuticles will adversely affect the growth of healthy nails.

These are some proven ways to get the perfect set of nails for yourself. Though these methods take time to show the result, you must trust the process and be consistent with these practices. Then, a few months later, you can grow those shiny and robust nails to the desired length. 

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