Hydrating Facial

Hydrating Facial in Huntington Park

As the name suggests, a hydrating facial is simply a treatment to hydrate your skin. It works in restoring moisture level on your skin especially at low temperatures. It’s because the humidity of air is relatively less in lower temperature than that at a higher temperature. So, in the winter season, our skin dries out easily, making it look less charming and easily irritated. Hence, We provide the best hydrating facial in Huntington park.

Staying inside the house is not a solution to it as we tend to make ourselves warm by lighting fire or turning the heating system. This eventually dries out the moisture inside the place or catches up dust, an allergen which can irritate our skin. So, maintaining the moisture and the charm and the smoothness of your skin in the winter season is not as easy as you think.

Dazzling Beauty Salon offers you the best-in-town solution for all types of skin-related issues that you’re facing. Hydrating Facial is one of the most demanded services in Huntington Park, Los Angeles, California, that we carry out. You could consider it one of our signature facials.

What is Hydrating Facial

This kind of custom facial is suitable for most skin types and reduces dead skin cells and fine lines. It is like a mini spa offer that provides facials which include hydrating properties to reduce acne scars.

Hydrating Facial gives you a smoother and vibrant skin taking away all kinds of irritations to your skin by regulating water content to your skin through its water-rich ingredients. The primary objective of this facial is to stimulate the deeper layers of cells and tissue. This is done to rectify elastin, collagen, cell generation, and water levels in the cells and exfoliate the skin and regulate blood flow to the skin.

Hydrating Facial is a facial treatment that removes the dehydration issue on your skin. This makes your dry and rough skin shine and glows like that of TV celebs. Ingredients in this facial pack are purely intended to maintain a good moisture level on your skin, prevent it from dehydration and retain the same charm today and tomorrow.

Benefits of hydrating facial

  • Applicable to all age groups, skin tone and types.
  • ¬†Gives you bright & supple Complexion
  • Gently exfoliates your skin to remove dirt and residue.
  • Provides hydration to dry, flaky, skin.
  • Promotes anti-aging and renewal of skin
  • Maintains oil and moisture level on your skin and removes irritation.
  • Regulates uneven skin tones and reduces acne breakouts
  • Enhanced Skin Care Product Absorption

Working of Hydrating Facial:

This treatment starts actually with a deep cleansing and ends with a cool oxygen facial. This is followed by the application of moisturizers and eye cream. Here’s the stepwise guide for you about how it’s carried out basically.

1st Phase:

Step 1: It starts with deep cleansing which primarily focuses on removing the impure elements like dirt from the upper layer of the skin ceasing them from hindering the facial. Similarly, Toners are also applied for further cleansing and making the skin ready-to-go and absorb the ingredients.

Step 2: In this step, the removal of dead cells from the upper layer of the skin or shortly exfoliation is done. For the ingredients to come into effect and render its ability, it requires exfoliation.

Step 3: After the cleansing and exfoliation processes are completed, the hydrating serum is applied and massaged gently over and into the skin. Similarly, This process takes a bit longer as the ingredients need to be pushed into the skin making it ready to absorb all the nutrients and moisture. This is a crucial step that is going to be needed for the next step.

2nd Phase:

Step 4: A mask rich in nutrients and moisture is then applied to the face and is left there to sit for about 10 – 15 minutes.

Step 5: The masque is then washed off and a cool breeze of oxygen is given to your face to relax and calm you. Similarly, The oxygen tool also helps in penetrating the ingredients deeper into your skin. After all these, hydrating moisturizer and eye cream are applied in order to cage in everything that has entered the skin.¬† Similarly, this helps in protecting the skin from leaking out everything that you’ve put into.

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