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Looking for the best Salon near Comerce? Visit Dazzling to have all your salon needs met! Commerce is a city located in southeast Los Angeles County, California. Commerce is located by the Long Beach and Santa Ana freeways, as well as the Metrolink commuter rail service at the Commerce station. Hence it has an excellent transportation network.

What Makes Commerce Attractive?

There are many excellent city services available for the residents of Commerce. The Emergency services and Fire Services are unique in this area. It has many safe neighbourhoods to settle in. The Police Service in the domain is also notable. Another name for it is the City of Commerce.

The City of Commerce also has proper provisions for Education and is suitable for families. Though if you are single, there are tons of events that you can choose. You can find activities that you are interested in online and also in local places.

There are good market and local shops and restaurants in the area. There are plenty of services that you can find in this city. It is the right place for any business as well as any residents.

Looking for a Salon near Commerce, Los Angeles, California?

No matter where you are, beauty and skincare are essential. However, finding a hospitable place that you like, with professional services is always hard to find. Dazzling Beauty Salon is one of the most beautiful places to have all of your beauty, and skincare needs to be fulfilled.

If you are looking for superb threading services near commerce or waxing services near Commerce or even facial services near Commerce, then dazzling is the place to be. Get to Dazzling if you are looking for a superb beauty salon in California.

If you are thinking of travelling there, you can get to Dazzling Eyebrows Threading and Beauty Salon under 12- 15 mins via the district Blvd or the S. eastern ave or Slauson Ave if you are travelling by vehicle. Visit us if you are looking for beauty salon near Commerce.

What Services Do Dazzling Provide?

We provide a range of waxing, threading, facials and microdermabrasion services for both men and women. You can get details regarding it via the links below :

1. Waxing Services near Commerce, Los Angels, Calfornia
2. Threading Services near Commerce, Los Angeles, California
3. Facial Service near Commerce, Los Angeles, California
4. Salon Services for Men near Commerce, Los Angeles, California
5. Microdermabrasion Services For Men near Commerce, Los Angles, California

Why Visit Dazzling?

From services including threading, waxing to facial, we have a wide variety of beauty and skin related services that we offer in our salon. You can visit our homepage to see all the facilities that We house one of the best team of estheticians and beauty specialists in all of California. They are professionals who carry out each of the services in an efficient way. You can rest assured that you are in the right place for any salon services cause your skin health is our priority.

There is a plethora of nail salons, hair salons and a variety of other salons in California. How we distinguish ourselves is by expertise in what we do. Unfortunately right now, as per the direction of the professional beauty federation of California and gov Gavin Newsom, we are closed to reduce the risk of the COVID pandemic.

We will reopen our operatoias soon as this thing blows over. Currently, we believe in the stay at home orders from our local government.

Dazzling Beauty Salon is the best place to have all your beauty needs like eyebrow shaping, eyebrow threading, makeover etc. done under one roof. Visit our salon located at 2550 E Slauson Ave Ste E, Huntington Park, California 90255, for the best salon experience. You can view the list of our services with the link below:

All Dazzling Services

Visit Dazzling for superb services in terms of a beauty salon in Los Angeles. You can contact us on the phone number (323) 749-6488 or contact us through our web page Dazzling Eyebrows Threading & Beauty Salon near Commerce or even contact us via our Facebook page.

You won’t find another beauty salon in Huntington Park with our expertise.