Skincare Routine for Fall

Skincare Routine for Fall

Now that the summertime is over and the fall is upon us, there are certain adjustments to your skincare routine for fall. So, we have decided to provide you with the necessary changes that you will need to make for your skin to stay fresh for this fall. As the temperature drops down, the humidity also drops. The fall’s dry air might be just the thing your skin needs, but still, without proper skincare, patches start to show on your skin.

We have prepared this list for an easy understanding of what the skin requires in autumn. However, since every skin is different, we recommend you tweak the routine to your skin type. You can add or remove certain aspects according to the reaction of your skin.


The first and the most obvious tip, Hydrate!

Hydrating your skin is a must; however, you’ll need to pay more attention to it during the fall. As the moisture in the atmosphere decreases and the harsher wind blows. You’ll need to bump up the hydration of your skin. We recommend adding a hydrating cream, most commonly available aloe, or any other comfortable creams for your skin type.


Moisturize your whole face.

Get a thicker moisturizer for your skin to fight with the dryness. Sometimes your skin gets so dry that your skin starts producing more oil to counter the dryness. As a result, you get oily skin, mostly during the morning. If this is common with your skin, get a moisturizer for your lip and eye creams. The thick moisturizer helps in keeping the hydration of your skin intact.


Ease down on Exfoliation.

Some say exfoliation is necessary during the fall; some say it does more harm than good. We say both are correct as it depends highly on the skin types. However, reducing the number of times, you exfoliate your skin is a good idea. Yes, exfoliation removes clogged pores and helps the skin breathe freely. Still, if you exfoliate the same amount of time, like in the summer, it will strip away the necessary oil from your skin, which it requires to fight low humidity.


As always, Sunscreen.

You’re probably rolling your eyes right now cause sunscreens are always recommended by everyone, everywhere. You all know why Sunscreen is required, so I’m going to back down explaining what it does. But for the love of Sunscreen, use at least an SPF 30 for proper protection against sun exposure.


And at last, a bit of luxury, so to say, A humidifier.

Humans have always challenged nature. And you can battle the fall by getting yourself a humidifier to balance out what mother nature throws at you. An excellent relaxing humidifier will repair the damage caused by the winds. 

With these things in mind, you can prepare your skincare routine to the liking of your skin. However, don’t go out of your way to change everything from your skincare. Add somethings to your routine or cut down something that doesn’t work for the weather. This way, you can have healthy skin without any stress.

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