Tips for Food and Nutrition During Quarantine:

Tips for Food and Nutrition During Quarantine to Get your Best Healthy Self:

It is unfortunate that all of us have to be locked down at our houses and apartments but it is a sacrifice that we have to make right now. This is not just for our safety but also for the safety of people all around us. We need to think about proper food and nutrition during quarantine.

Since our daily activities , exercise etc are all in shambles, we need to find the right food and nutrition when we are indoors for maximum efficiency. We need to keep our immune system up to mark so that we are healthy enough to fight against the virus. Staying healthy overall will help you also have better hair , skin etc.

If you want to stay healthy then , you need to look at what you’re putting in your mouth. Here are some tips for your kitchen during the quarantine period.

1. Make a Plan ahead on what to buy; Do not Panic Buy!

Panic buying always has negative consequences to all of us. This might cause artificial rise in food price, unequal distribution of food products, and overconsumption. You might get the instinct to buy every and any food you can get your hands on. Please do not adhere to this savage need. It’s best to properly analyze the food already in your pantry. Please do not create waste at this crucial period.

2.Strategy in utilizing ingredients for food ( fresh food first!):

Foods that have a shorter life cycle are supposed to be consumed first. If fresh products like veggies, fruits , dairy products are available where you live, prioritize them above everything else. Frozen fruits and veggies can also be used for a long period of time. To avoid waste , please consider freezing leftovers for meals

3.Home cooked Meals VS Packaged Meals:

This is absolutely the best time to start learning home cooked recipes. Now is the best time for you to learn how to cook healthy. Trust us ! Processed sugar was never your friend. Get on the internet and learn some veggies recipes. The more your practise , the better you will get at it.

4. Safe Food Handling Practices:

It is very important to follow kitchen hygiene in this difficult period but it’s not just about you but also your family and loved one! Please follow simple things like keeping your kitchen area and utensils clean. Keep your raw food and cooked food away from each other. Cook your food thoroughly. Keep your food at either below 5 degree of above 60 degree celsius

5. Reduce your Salt and Sugar Intake:

According to WHO , it’s best to reduce salt intake by 5 grams a day. In most countries, 50 – 70 percent of the salt that we consume comes from the food not added by us. Be sure to check your intake . An alternative to this would be to experiment with herbs and different spices.

Similarly with the sugar, only 5 percent energy intake should account for that sugar. IF you want to eat something sweet, we suggest swapping it for fresh fruits instead. A lot of us use syrup , we suggest swapping them out for canned frozen fruits. If you are making dessert options , make sure you use low sugar and take small portions. Watch out for low fat options as they are generally high in sugar. Try to avoid sweetening beverages among other things.

6. Limit Fat intake:

It is recommended by the world health organization to reduce fat intake to 30 percent of the total energy intake. The goal you should go for is to opt for cooking methods that utilize less oil or fat. For eg : steaming , grilling, or sauteing. Try using unsaturated oils if you need to fry something.

In terms of meat , try to trim meat and poultry for excess fats. Avoid trans fat from products by carefully reading labels or avoid foods like doughnut, pizza,cookies, crackers, crackers etc

7. Consume Enough Fibre, Reduce alcohol Intake & Stay Hydrated:

To get proper fibre intake, Try to get veggies, fruits , pulses, whole grain foods, pasta, rice , whole wheat bread. Also remember to hydrate your body so drink plenty of water. If you have a habit of drinking sweet beverages, stop that! Instead opt for water with cucumber, rosemary, mint etc. Also avoid strong tea and coffee which will create an imbalance in sleep pattern.

Consuming alcohol right now is like a death sentence. You are knowingly compromising your immune system as alcoholic beverages undermines your body’s ability to cope with infectious diseases.

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For now! It’s best to stay indoors and take care of yourself. Please follow the above guidlines for proper food and nutrition during quarantine


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