Threading: Pros and Cons

Threading is a traditional hair removal technique with its origin rooted in a few Asian countries. The whole threading process gets accomplished with just a single strand of cotton thread that is twisted and then rolled over the areas with excess hair. Although with a bit of patience, threading can be used to get rid of hairs from larger areas, such as forearms and legs, this process is best suited for removing excess facial hairs, especially eyebrows, due to its high precision.

If you are among the ones who care for the beauty of others, threading may be a technique you ought to learn. But before you jump into finding yourself a trainer, its good to know how this technique’s pros and cons will help you in your game and what limitations it has. Read along.

Advantages of Threading

Threading is chemical-free:

All you need for the threading process is a thread made of either cotton or polyester and your partner in crime or a specialist (beautician). No extra chemicals are used during the whole process. Thus making the process a goto one for everyone, especially those who are allergic to some chemicals.

Better for sensitive skin:

Having sensitive skin can really be painful. You cant freely use the market available choices to remove unwanted hair without hurting your skin. While the easy techniques like shaving or plucking, or waxing are cancelled out for their own reasons, the choice of threading seems to be a perfect one. However, a little to extra care is needed because of the skin’s sensitivity as the hairs are removed from follicles, leaving the skin pores open for damages due to unwanted chemicals and bacteria.

Lasts longer:

The threading results usually last for a longer duration, i.e. around 3-4 weeks. This is because threading removes the hair from the follicle. So this treatment is ofter a time-economic choice. You can freely engage in whatever your heart desires without fear of undesired hairs sprouting from their small follicles.

More precise:

Unlike with other hair removal techniques, threading is more precise. Shaving and waxing both do not match the precision of threading when removing a single strand of hair. Whether you need to remove some extra hair in a row or just a single strand, threading can get it done both ways, giving a perfect finish to your styling choice. Though it has a higher level of precision than threading, plucking takes longer and is therefore not a superior alternative.

Can happen sooner:

So, your big day is right around the corner, but your facial hairs have not yet grown to be removed by any other methods. Thankfully, you have the choice of threading. Threading definitely is an option for both long hair and the ones that are just emerging.

Much faster:

Threading is about 15-20 minutes game. Real quick and time-saving. Since it doesn’t require any kind of initial preparation on your skin or hair (except damping the threading region for smooth and painless hair removal), you can get the process as soon as you have your partner or threader and a few disposable cotton strings. Also, as the process is so quick, it is easier to tolerate the slight pains and get the perfect shapes before realising it.

Much cleaner:

The single strand of a thread gets the job done. No need for any other extra pieces of equipment or chemicals. There is no need to layering your skin with wax or other chemicals before you proceed to remove the extra hairs. Hence, the whole process is cleaner and doesn’t leave much mess around once it is finished.

Improves your skin tone:

As the thread roll over the surface of the skin, it not only pulls the hair from their follicles but also exfoliates the dead and dull skin layer revealing the soft and glowing skin underneath.

Disadvantages of Threading

Not suitable for broader body parts:

Although it is possible to use this technique for removing hairs from wide-body parts, it’s not the best choice. The reason is a time-consuming process.

Not suggested for people with heavy and frequent acne:

Since the thread runs over the skin’s surface, any acne may get tangled up with threads twists and maybe clipped out, damaging the skin layer.

Threading is a technical process:

Although it might seem to be an easy task, it isn’t. Any attempts without the proper skills may lead to skin rashes, eruption and even infection.

So that is pretty much threading. We may also bring a ‘how to’ post in future. Until then, keep revisiting us.

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