Lower Lip Threading

Lower Lip Threading

For the Lower Lip Threading in Huntington Park, we remove all the hair below the lower lips using a cotton thread. Shaving is not an option as it leaves dark patches on the skin and leaves dry. There are other options like hair removal cream or bleaching. But the thought of having a harsh removal cream on your skin must give you the shivers and bleaching leaves the unwanted hair with a bright golden colour which is not a good option either.

Threading is more precise and efficient for the lower lip area as it doesn’t leave a single hair unplucked from the roots. And the result is a glowing, smooth and soft skin. You could prefer a hot wax which removes all the hair at once, but it might not work so precisely as the length of the hair is too short for the wax to grasp. Threading is the best option though you might feel a little twinge here or there.


About our service:

Dazzling Beauty Salon offers the best threading experience. We have professionals with the very light hands and swift movements that you’ll barely feel the excess hair removed from its roots. So if you are looking for a place with the best threading service, visit us at 2550 E Slauson Ave Ste E Huntington Park, CA 90255. You can also contact us at (323) 749-6488 if you have any questions regarding our services.


Advantages of Lower Lip Threading in Huntington Park: 

– The all-common and natural technique for hair removal 

– The most precise and efficient method for expelling peach fluff 

– No use of harsh chemicals in the products for hair removal.

– Won’t bring about any bothering or any unfavourable reactions to the skin.

– The expense of hair removal is entirely sensible.

– Effortless method of removing undesirable hair.


Why visit Dazzling Beauty Salon for Lower Lip Threading in Huntington Park?

Dazzling Beauty Salon houses experts with long periods of involvement in this field. Threading is a precise procedure. We will proficiently expel any undesirable hair with an antibacterial cotton string that leaves no symptoms. 

It is financially savvy and better viable as opposed to waxing or tweezing. This service is available for both men and women to offer you the best result you can seek after. We have a wide variety of services according to your needs.

Huntington Park is our new home, and if you are pondering a spot for having the undesirable facial hair removed, Dazzling Beauty Salon is the spot to be. You can visit the link below for all the information about the plenty of beauty services offered to you.

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